The Han River, or “Hangang” in Korean, is the lifeblood of Seoul and its most beloved landmark. It is the embodiment of Korea’s beauty and resilience.

The term “Han” (한) is synonymous with “Korean”. In English, a gang is “a group or society of associates, friends or members of a family”.


HAN GANG MAGAZINE is a blog focusing on professional living for expats and foreigners in Korea.

You can expect in-depth stories, articles, reviews, and features on relationships, nightlife, legal & finance, fitness, gaming, and Korean culture in addition to spotlights on the unique life stories of Koreans and foreigners.

THE HAN GANG MAGAZINE is NOT a travel blog.

You won’t find anything about K-pop, makeup, cafes, beauty/fashion, etc.

About Myself

I am an American who has been living in Korea for over 10 years. I work as a software consultant for a large American supply chain & logistics company in the Seoul office.

We are expats living in Korea

HAN GANG MAGAZINE was created for one purpose: To provide VALUE to expats living in Korea, for whom money, career, and professional living is important.

While there are resources such as job boards and travel blogs, there are no in-depth, authoritative, data-driven sites about being a career professional foreigner living in Korea.

The goal long-term is to grow HAN GANG MAGAZINE into a place where foreigners can learn to improve their lives professionally and financially as well as discuss culture.


HAN GANG MAGAZINE is a new online publication owned & operated by foreigners living in Korea. Our aim is to provide content for expats with long-term financial, career, personal & artistic interests. Read More


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