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A collection of my Korea data visualizations on topics such as health, economics, government, politics, finance, work, family, city infrastructure, and more.

I use various tools, including SQL, R ggplot2, Adobe Illustrator, Datawrapper, and others.

Please click the links in the buttons for the full articles. You can mouse hover over them to see more numbers/details.

You are free to reuse my visualizations for the purpose of journalistic reporting or commentary, although I politely ask for a citation in your article/video description/post.

Please do not reuse them in any sort of paid medium/content without contacting me first. All rights reserved.

Korea Housing Prices and Tax Burden Expected to Surge in 2021

Prices for apartment houses in Korea have risen by nearly 20% this year. As a result, the tax burden for home ownership in Korea is expected to surge, with taxes for multi-home owners in the Seoul metropolitan area increasing by more than double.

The big picture: The Korea housing market is a fire growing out of control. Every year, tens of thousands of apartments are built to meet insatiable speculative demand, yet they remain unoccupied due to high prices, multi-home owners, and Korea’s dwindling population

Korean Government Mandates Covid Testing for Foreigners

On March 16, the Korean government set a new precedent by mandating Covid19 testing for all employed foreigners in the Seoul and Gyeonggi areas.

Driving the news: The decision was made based on a recent outbreak among foreign migrant workers and uptick in the proportion of total Covid19 cases attributable to foreigners.

Covid19 Vaccinations in Korea

Marriage & Divorce Rates by Seoul District in 2020

An overview of marriage and divorce in Seoul, Korea according to city district in 2019-2020.

The big picture: With a rapidly aging population and dwindling birthrate, promoting marriage and birthrates have become a key focus for the Korean government.

Online Shopping in Korea Has Skyrocketed

Fueled by the Covid-19 pandemic, South Korea’s online shopping transactions continued to show sustained growth in January 2021 year-over-year compared to 2020.

Why it matters: South Korea over the last few years has exploded into an e-commerce powerhouse, ranking 2nd globally in terms of online shopping per capita rate (51%). Recent statistics show that this trend is transforming the lives of ordinary Koreans.

How do Koreans Spend Their Free Time?

The latest public data show how Koreans prefer to spend their leisure free time on the weekends and holidays.

The breakdown: Take a look at the data according to sex, education and income levels, age, marital status, and Seoul district. Find out what roles Korea’s unique competitive culture and history play in how Koreans approach their hobbies.


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