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HAN GANG MAGAZINE was created for one purpose: To provide VALUE to expats living in Korea, which has been my community for a decade.

In my time here, I’ve seen the same questions, troubles, annoyances, needs, and wants in the expat community living in Korea.

While there are resources such as job boards and travel blogs, I have never seen an in-depth, authoritative, and long-form expose site on expat life in Korea.

However, the goal long-term is to grow HAN GANG MAGAZINE into a space for foreigners to learn as well as validate their place in Korea, which many foreigners never learn to do.

It is my legal and moral obligation to disclose any financial interest I may have so you can make your own decision.


HAN GANG MAGAZINE aims to provide an honest & engaging take on life in Korea for expats. However, living in Korea is not easy for foreigners, and people have a spectrum of experiences, takes, and judgments.

Our writers as well as those we profile and feature speak for themselves. All information, advice, and opinions on this site are solely those of the authors and my own.

This site makes no claims or guarantees related to financial expertise or advice.


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